Our History

AgroDivjaka has its beginnings since 2005. It was originally created as a family business (BITI-MO). After more than 1 decade of family business, agribusiness “AgroDivjaka” is established with an over 450m² warehouse and at the same time more than 10ha greenhouses. AgroDivjaka has about 100 seasonal employees. We export to all countries of the Balkan region, Europe and beyond.

Vision & Purpose

We believe that Albania is a country of great potentials in many different sectors, but unlike others, we think that one of the strong points is agriculture, where AgroDivjaka has focused its vision.

Our vision is to always be coherent with the new agricultural technologies, to increase the quantity of agricultural product, to expand the geographic range of exports to several continents (Europe, Asia, USA, Australia).

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Our Mission

AgroDivjaka was created with the mission to develop and perfect agriculture as much as possible throughout the Myzeqe area and across Albania. Our mission is to soon realize at least 50ha greenhouses by cooperating with small farms located in the surrounding areas. An important mission for AgroDivjaka is also the coverage of the Albanian market as well as the export of agricultural products throughout the Balkan region, Europe and beyond.

Our goal is that every customer we receive from AgroDivjaka: product quality, service correctness as well as competitive prices.

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